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Terms like robbery, theft, and burglary are often treated as if they mean the same thing. In Texas law, there are distinct differences in how these words are defined and the possible penalties for each. Robbery defense attorney Katie Wilson will help you understand the robbery charges you face and how to best defend against those charges in a Texas courtroom.

Robbery and Aggravated Robbery Charges in Texas

A robbery charge in Texas is almost always connected with committing or attempting a theft or burglary. Being charged with robbery indicates you are accused of either threatening to harm or causing physical harm to someone while committing theft or burglary. Robbery carries stiffer penalties than theft or burglary in the State of Texas.

You may be familiar with the term “armed robbery.” The legal term for armed robbery in Texas is aggravated robbery. Both refer to the use or threat of a deadly weapon during a robbery. A deadly weapon could be a gun, knife, or any object capable of causing death or serious bodily injury. Merely threatening to use a deadly weapon may result in an aggravated robbery charge, which is a first-degree felony charge in Texas.

Robbery Charges in Texas: Carjacking

Auto theft and carjacking are not treated the same in Fort Bend County courts or any Texas courtroom. Carjacking is considered a type of robbery because it involves violence or the threat of violence to a victim during the theft of the vehicle.

In addition to the more severe penalties related to robbery in Texas, some carjackings can be prosecuted under federal law. Usually, the carjacking cases that end up in federal court involve crossing state lines. KW Law has the experience you need for a defense in a carjacking case. Call us right away if you have been charged with carjacking.

Beating Robbery Charges in Fort Bend County

A robbery or aggravated robbery conviction in Texas can result in a lengthy prison sentence. The proper defense in your case can mean the difference between jail time and freedom. KW Law will use everything at our disposal to bring about a not-guilty verdict in your case. You can count on us to mount a rigorous defense against the charges you face. We are committed to helping you protect your future.

KW Law serves Harris County and Fort Bend County. We serve Houston, Richmond, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Rosenberg, Katy, The Meadows, Stafford, Pecan Grove, and the surrounding communities. For the personal attention your robbery case deserves, contact your local robbery defense lawyer, KW Law.

Why Hire KW Law for Your Robbery Defense?

Attorney Katie Wilson has served as the prosecutor on many robbery cases. She knows how your Texas prosecutor will approach a robbery case and the best defense strategies to use to seek an acquittal in a robbery case.

Criminal defense for Texans is more than a job for Attorney Katie Wilson. She takes a personal interest in every client she serves. If you are looking for a defense lawyer that will look closely at your case and work diligently on your behalf, contact KW Law in Richmond, Texas. Your initial defense consultation is free.
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