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Vehicular Assault Defense Attorney, Richmond

The penalties for a vehicular assault conviction in Texas can include a significant fine and several years of prison time. If you have been charged with vehicular assault in Fort Bend County, contact KW Law in Richmond, Texas. With an experienced Texas vehicular assault attorney from our team, your defense strategy will be a joint decision between you and your attorney. We will make you aware of all your options and our recommendation for the best results for your case.

Charged with Vehicular Assault and Reckless Driving in Texas

A vehicular assault charge in Texas is often tied to a reckless driving charge. A reckless driving charge comes with minor penalties compared to the assault charge. However, if the reckless driving charge can be dismissed for lack of evidence, the vehicular assault charge may be dismissed as well. At KW Law, we will explore all the evidence associated with the criminal charges against you. If your charges are without merit, we will fight on your behalf to have the case dismissed.

Defense Against Vehicular Assault Charges Richmond | Katy | Houston

When facing vehicular assault charges in Fort Bend County or Harris County, you need a defense attorney who will fight for a resolution that is in your best interest; that is exactly what you can expect from KW Law. With years of experience in criminal law, our team knows the very best defense strategies to use in a vehicular assault case. As our client, you will be kept informed of progress in your case and all the options available as we proceed forward. Call to schedule a free consultation at our Richmond office today.

Intoxication Assault with DWI Charge Sugar Land | Rosenberg

If another individual is injured as a result of someone else driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the intoxicated driver may be charged with intoxication assault as well as a DWI. Any instance when a person is injured as the result of the actions of another, whether intentionally or due to recklessness, an assault charge is possible. Intoxication is not a defense in an assault case in Texas. To minimize the penalties resulting from an intoxication assault charge in Fort Bend County, schedule a free consultation with KW Law to review your options.

Penalties for Vehicular Assault in Texas

A conviction of vehicular assault that results in serious injury to another person can be classed as a felony in Texas courts. Depending on the class of felony, penalties can lead to prison time and significant fines. If you or a family member have been arrested on vehicular assault charges in Texas, contact the KW Law office. You deserve an experienced legal team to advocate for you and guide you in determining the best options for protecting your future and your freedom.

Texas Defense Attorney for Vehicular Assault

A defense attorney for vehicular assault needs to know how these crimes are investigated by law enforcement, the type of evidence that will be presented, and what strategies the prosecuting attorney may use to present the case. Texas defense attorney Katie Wilson fits this description in every way. She has served as a prosecutor in 1000’s of criminal cases and specialized in crimes involving vehicles and car accidents. She knows what to expect from the prosecution, how to tear holes in the investigation, and find weakness in the State’s case over all. If you want a strong legal defense for yourself or a family member, contact KW Law for a free consultation.
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